First-class communication – despite hearing protectors! There was a time when wearing hearing protectors meant being isolated and out of contact. Those days are over. Today, Peltor offers first-class communication solutions that not only make your working day safer and more efficient, but also much nicer!

Close up or far away - Peltor’s communication solutions for noisy environments make it possible for users of hearing protectors to communicate very effectively – with their immediate environment and with people further away.

Under new EU noise legislation employers must provide suitable hearing protection where noise exceeds 80dB(A), all EU member states must comply with the new directive by February 2006 (exceptions may occur).

Happy to quote - the headsets below are just a small selection of the Peltor range, If the model you require is not included, simply contact us or call on 01535 517070 where our staff will be happy to answer all your questions about Peltor Headsets and provide an up to the minute competitive quotation.

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Peltor Flex Lead Headsets

Peltor Flex Headsets

Simply choose any combination of peltor Flex headset and Flex cable, to give you the perfect hearing protector for your needs. The Flex system means you only need replace the cable if you update or change your radio manufacturer, not the expensive part, the headset.

Peltor Tactical Active Listening headsets

PeltorSports Tac Headsets

The Peltor Tactical products are invaluable tools for people who are subjected to impulse noises.Peltor Tactical protect against harmful noise while letting in and even amplifying ambient sounds.Including SportTac - Developed specifically for hunters and marksmen.

Peltor Lite-com Headsets

Peltor Litecomm HeadsetsThe Peltor Lite-Com is a range of headsets with a PMR446 communication radio built into the shell.Lite-Com headsets




This system provides effective and effortless short-range two-way communication.

Peltor Direct lead Headsets

Peltor Direct lead  HeadsetsPeltor direct lead Headsets are supplied with lead fitted, enabling connection to your communication devices.

A full range of headsets to fit Motorola, Kenwood and Icom two way radios. As well as GSM and DECT telephones and More

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Peltor Bluetooth ® Wireless Headsets

Peltor Bluetooth  HeadsetsPeltor Bluetooth Headsets for effective two-way communication

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complete with a range of bluetooth headset adaptors.

Peltor Standard Lead Headsets

Peltor Standard lead  HeadsetsPeltor Telephone Headsets fitted with an RJ11 plug to connect directly to a wired telephone.

Available in Hi and Medium Attenuation ratings as well ATEX approved. A comprehensive range of adaptors are available for connection to two way radios or other devices

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Peltor ATEX Headsets

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Peltor ATEX HeadsetsPeltor ATEX Headsets are designed for use in extreme conditions

Atex headsets



offering hearing protection from harmful sound conditions.

Peltor Airport / Aviation headsets

Peltor Avionic headsets

When the ground is 32,000 feet below you, you can’t afford to have anything go wrong. Perfect communication, convenient design, low weight and maximum comfort are essential requirements of a headset in a noisy aviation environment, in the air and on the ground.

Fixed wing Headsets

Ground Mechanics headsets


Peltor FM Radio Headsets

Peltor FM RadiosDesigned for people who work outdoors – forestry, landscaping, mowing lawns, hobbies, etc. – to protect their hearing and let them listen to the radio at the same time



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Peltor Listen Only Headsets

Peltor Listen only  HeadsetsFor connection to communication radios, pocket receivers, CD players etc. The proven and durable designs ensure high comfort levels, allowing long-term use under very tough conditions

Peltor Alert Headsets

workstyle headsetsA good hearing protector doesn’t block out your surroundings.It welcomes them in – on your terms.

The Peltor Alert is an active-volume hearing protector that listens to the surroundings.The unit has a built-in AM/FM radio receiver that can be connected to a telephone or com radio for complete two way communication.
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Peltor Cameraman's Headsets

Peltor Cameraman's  HeadsetsSpecial headsets for use in broadcasting. This is a special ‘hybrid’ design featuring one H79 cup to give maximum attenuation, and one slim H61 cup to allow the user greater proximity to the camera.

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Peltor Headset Adaptors

Peltor Headset adaptorsSturdy, water-resistant adapters with integrated push-button (PTT) for connecting Peltor headsets to communication radios. For environments with risk of explosion, we also have a range of ATEX-approved EX adapters.

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Peltor Dect-Com Headsets


Peltor Dect com base
Wireless, full duplex Intercom for - effortless and reliable communication.

peltor dect com handset

Intercom system for up to 8 users. Based on the standard DECT technology